• Flu

    Canine Influenza H3N2

    Aug 10 2017

    August 10, 2017. Hello all! Canine flu is making it’s way here again. This strain appears particularly virulent, with some of the affected dogs showing severe and prolonged signs of…

  • Mother of Dobermans

    How to Evaluate Cosmetic Otoplasty (Ear Crop)

    Dec 24 2016

    How To Evaluate Cosmetic Otoplasty by Yelena Lapova, DVM, BS January 17, 2017 Ears, ears, ears. They can make or break the look of a traditionally cropped breeds like Doberman,…

  • Bella and Dr. Lapova

    We Are Pet Owners Too!

    Jun 02 2016

    Every one of us at RBAH is a Pet Owner – just like you! We go through the same joys and struggles you do. Don’t hesitate to ask us questions!…

  • Default Image

    Discolored Teeth

    Aug 25 2015

    Pulpitis by definition is inflammation of the tooth pulp. The pulp is the inner part of the tooth that consists of blood vessels, nerve endings, lymphatics, and connective tissues. In pets…

  • 4 dogs

    Spay and Neuter is the Law

    Oct 14 2014

    Did you know that Memphis, TN has a city wide ordinance that requires all non-breeding Pets to be spayed and neutered to reduce the overpopulation and high shelter euthanasia rates?…

  • charliedental

    Case Study 4: “Charlie”

    Mar 28 2014

    Another great dental case that illustrates the importance of dental x-rays. This is Charlie, and he genetically had numerous retained baby teeth! If you look at his teeth, everything looks…

  • dental 3

    Case Study 3: “Boo”

    Feb 26 2014

    There are many health concerns (other than tartar and bad breath) that involve the mouth. Oral tumors do occur in dogs and cats. Not all pets are willing to allow…

  • dental 2

    Case Study 2: “Darla”

    Feb 26 2014

    Love those pearly whites! Very good example of a young dog with mild (grade 1) dental tartar, who receives regular home dental care. Preventive care leads to safer, more comfortable…

  • Photos for dental --  words to follow

    Case Study 1: “Fido”

    Feb 26 2014

    You can see in the first 2 photos the severe tartar on his teeth — in some the surface of the tooth is not even visible under all the tartar.…

  • Cognac and I

    RIP Cognac

    Jan 08 2014

    Last night, I said good-bye to one of my best friends, and the coolest cat to ever live. I’ll never forget the night at the ER where I worked as…