Dr. Kelly Green

Many of you know and love Dr. Kelly Green! Dr. Green joined the Team in 2001, and has been with us ever since. Dr. Green graduated LSU veterinary school in 1995. Dr. Green has advanced training in Veterinary Dentistry, and you will frequently see her in our Dental Suite. She equally enjoys medicine and surgery, is an amazing communicator, and one of the most conscientious and dedicated practitioners Veterinary Medicine and our community are blessed with. Dr. Green is also an experienced emergency clinician. Dr. Green has rescued many animals, and she has a soft spot for small dogs and cats:) In her very limited spare time, Doc enjoys photography. When you follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll appreciate some of her amazing and creative images. We are extraordinarily fortunate and grateful to have Dr. Green on our Team!

Department: Associate Veterinarian. 1995 LSU graduate.

When did you start working at the Practice? 2001

Favorite Food: Flan

Favorite Movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy, What a Way To Go

Pets in Household: Jasmine the Shih-Tzu/Dachshund mix, Oscar the Shih-Tzu, Repo the chihuahua; Lisa Marie, Stitch, Scout, and Fledermaus the the cats

Favorite Hobby: Photography and camera club

Hometown: Haskell, Arkansas

Dream Vacation: Yellowstone National Park

What would we be surprised to know about you: I was a piano major in college

The best part of working at RBAH: I work with people I enjoy in a job I love