Testimonial Listings

  • “Again thank you for the amazing job [reconstructing the ears]. People who saw them before and now after can’t believe it was possible for them to turn out so good. Well worth the drive!”


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    “This is the cleanest offices ever but especially for a veterinary office. Thank you for taking care of us!”

    – AH

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    “I LOVE the Staff and Doctors! They really take the time to make sure my pet is cared for and in good health”

    – YT

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    They take excellent care of my GSD. his medical needs and boarding. always nice people. Doolin loves them, even if he comes in grumpy. They take the time to breakdown what you need to do to play your part on caring for your fur babies.

    -Malory W.

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    Never had a Vet I’ve loved more than Dr. Lapova. She loves the animals & is always so kind and helpful! It’s not just her though, EVERYONE there is the same. No long wait times, knowledgeable and I can leave my babies without worrying!

    -Lindsay M.

  • I drove over three hours to have them do my dobermans ears and I was not disappointed. They did a amazing job on his ears!! I honestly couldn’t be any happier

    -Halay H

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    Please feel free to share with whomever: you guys are wonderful & Dr. Lapova does the ABSOLUTELY BEST ear crops! –  you can quote me on that !!! ?

    -Angela H.

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    Gambler went to the vet yesterday [in his new state] for a wellness check. The vet says she had never seen ears cropped this well before!


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    I was recommended this animal hospital by a co worker that said they have never had their animals treated so well and with so much care until they went to Raleigh Bartlett Animal Hospital and he was correct. The ladies at the front desk came out and pet my dog and got to know him which made me feel extremely comfortable about leaving my dog there for a surgery. They knew that I was nervous because my dog means everything to me that after the surgery and when my dog woke up for the anesthetics they sent me a small video clip of him waking up and the nurses petting him showing him love and care. I picked him up an hour later and they had paperwork showing me all the proper ways on how to take care of my dog at home. After the first day they checked in with me just to see how he was doing. As long as I have pets and I need a vet I will ALWAYS come back here!


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    Took my cherished toy poodle to see Dr. Green cos he was coughing like a goose. Of course I Googled it and freaked myself out, thought he had a collapsed trachea, but it was two infected teeth, sore throat & swollen tonsils. He’s all better now and so is his breath!! ( thank goodness!!) Everyone was super nice, very personable receptionists/ techs, felt like I had been going there forever!

    -Kathy F.