Active Military/First Responder Appreciation Special

We appreciate our Military, Police, Fire, EMT! Thank you for all you do. Please bring your ID or badge for a 10% discount on most full priced services and products. Thank you for all you do every day for our community!

Please note, discounts do not apply to cosmetic surgery and related services like ear taping. Services already specially priced like annual and puppy packages, puppy series, etc. are excluded.

Healthy Smile Dental Special

Have you heard of the Dental Month? Why wait the entire year when your Pet needs help now? Schedule the dental procedure same day as recommended by the Veterinarian and receive 5% off for patients with advanced tartar and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease does not wait until February – and neither should you!*

*Must schedule within 30 days and avoid cancellations. Only one discount can be applied. Some restrictions apply. Ask our friendly Team about all details. Please visit our Dentistry Page under Medical Services for information, case studies, and more.

Other Specials

  1. Affordable Annual Preventive Care – complete canine annual includes:
    1. PHYSICAL EXAM with the Doctor – not an unlicensed assistant administering vaccines. This helps detect heart murmurs, diseases of ears, skin, orthopedic and other body/organ systems, and even cancer. The Doctor will answer your questions regarding preventive care, nutrition, socialization, and anything you want to discuss. We use the most current protocols recommended AAHA Vaccination Guidelines, and are happy to discuss antibody titers. This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT aspects of the annual visit we don’t want your Pet to miss!
    2. Heartworm Test, Intestinal Parasite Screen, and ask about our Wellness bloodwork special!
    3. Distemper/parvo/hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Bordetella/Parainfluenza and Rabies Vaccines as needed; licenses/fees additional. 
    4. Feline annuals are always specially priced. We tailor the vaccines for cats according to their lifestyle. Please bring fresh stool sample from the litter box if possible – this helps minimize stress and anxiety for your cat. Ask us how to socialize your cat to the carrier, reduce pre-visit anxiety, and otherwise make the visit comfortable and pleasant for both of you!
  2. Wellness PetCare Package includes complete annual AND comprehensive wellness profile. Save up to $100 off doing these services separately. Together, we can help them enjoy their golden years in good health!
  3. I’m Adopted! We believe every Pet deserves a good home. FREE initial Exam for all Pets adopted from local shelters, Humane Societies, and registered non-profit rescue groups, within 2 weeks of adoption. Please bring adoption paperwork. Keep in mind, certain vaccine boosters and heartworm/external parasite prevention is very important. We carry safe and effective products at extremely competitive costs. For our purebred canine companions, we accept the AKC exam voucher. Please note, if you are a brand new Client, deposits are still required and will be applied as credit towards products and services.
  4. PetCare Savings Club. Do you have a high maintenance furry family member? Would you like to save 10% on most services and products? Join the Club! Annual fee of $75. Can’t be combined with other specials unless otherwise indicated. Valid on full price services and products only. Some restrictions apply. Very helpful special for Pets who cost over $400-500 in annual veterinary care. We also highly recommend Pet INSURANCE!
  5. Referrals. $10 credit to every Client and Team Member that refers a new Client! Just have them put your name on the Client Registration Form
  6. Puppy/Kitten Package and Wellness Package. Complete series of vaccinations, several tests, wellness physical exams with vaccines, free samples, microchip, 20% off spay/neuter.. oh my! Those are available at up to 49% savings.
  7. Nail Trim Card – $100 UNLIMITED nail trims for a year! Come in as often as you like!
  8. We accept 3rd party payment plans such as CareCredit and ScratchPay
  9. Spay/Neuter. These are very common surgeries performed in veterinary medicine, yet nothing about them is simple, routine, or identical from one patient to the next. Responsible Pet owners have questions like why? when? what are benefits and risks? Overpopulation is a very real animal welfare concern in our area. Did you know that spayed and neutered Pets have lower risk of reproductive diseases, including breast cancer and the deadly pyometra? It’s also the law. At the same time, every procedure carries a risk and has to be done at appropriate age. We do NOT overbook surgeries because we are committed to individual care and thorough anesthetic monitoring of each patient. You also have a chance to meet with the Doctor and discuss all your questions and concerns.

Promotions are subject to change without notice. Specials cannot be combined; largest discount will be applied. Payment is due at time of services. Deposits may apply. No discounts apply to cosmetic surgery and related services. Check our Facebook page for flash sales, prize opportunities, educational materials, Practice updates and a little humor.