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Dr. Yelena Lapova

Dr. Yelena Lapova is a proud owner of the Raleigh Bartlett Animal Hospital.  She purchased the Practice from Dr. Richard Leggett in 2013.  Dr. Lapova is delighted to work with Dr. Green – the Associate Veterinarian, James Canavan – her husband and the Practice Manager, and a great Team.

Dr. Lapova hails to Tennessee from the Ukraine, where she was born and raised.  She has been a Memphian ever since.  Dr. Lapova graduated White Station High School, Christian Brothers University with a perfect GPA and BS in Biology with several minors in 2000, and The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 – all at the very top of her class.  For many years, Dr. Lapova has provided relief services to numerous hospitals in west TN and northern MS. She is an experienced emergency clinician. Dr. Lapova enjoys working with local humane associations, having performed several thousand spay and neuter surgeries and population medicine. She has completed an apprenticeship with Dr. Leggett, and is a skilled and highly sought after cosmetic surgeon, including challenging reconstructive procedures.

Doc loves all things dogs and cats, and has a soft spot for Senior Pets, Doberman Pinschers and bully breeds.  Dr. Lapova and James are avid advocates for equal treatment for all breeds and types of dogs. Professionally, Dr. Lapova enjoys a little bit of everything, with cosmetic and reconstructive surgery topping the list.  Dr. Lapova relishes spending time with her family, friends, and Pets; she is a fitness enthusiast, and enjoys golf, bodybuilding, running, yoga and tactical sports.  James and Dr. L’s household is home to a rescued senior cat, BT, and 4 dogs: 2 Dobermans – Dante and Zane; American Pit Bull Terrier – Bella; and Boxer/Doberman/Rottweiler/Lab mix – Mia – all very sweet and deeply loved.

Note: Cognac the kitty passed away from cancer January 4, 2014. He was 17. Timber the Aussie also passed at the age of 13 February 1, 2014. Forrest the Cocker Spaniel mix passed away in February, 2016 at the ripe age of 14. They will forever live in the hearts of the family.