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I MUST express how grateful I am to everyone at RBAH!! Layla and I are still really sad that we had to leave you guys to go back up to New Jersey 🙁 I can’t express how much I appreciate how amazing you guys are! You’re kind, caring, discerning, knowledgeable, don’t talk out of your butts, continue to educate yourselves, encourage your clients to ask questions no matter how many they have, and you don’t disrespect your clients. I just recently had to bring my sisters dog to they vet she had been going to and the way I was treated was absolutely ridiculously! The vet was rude, the dog was handled too roughly by his assistant, and the biggest thing overcharged for EVERYTHING.
You guys are amazing and I hope that we get to see you again in the future! May you have lots of success and a great summer!

-Alicia H.