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Spay and Neuter is the Law

By October 14, 2014 No Comments

Did you know that Memphis, TN has a city wide ordinance that requires all non-breeding Pets to be spayed and neutered to reduce the overpopulation and high shelter euthanasia rates? Breeding permits are available. Please refer to the following link for details:

Current evidence on benefits:risks of sterilization procedures is somewhat conflicting. Keep in mind that spay and neuter carries numerous well established benefits, such as reduction in breast cancer rates, prevention of deadly infection pyometra, prevention of many male reproductive tract diseases, etc. Unwanted heat cycles, pregnancies, overpopulation, and roaming behaviors are also reduced or eliminated. Any surgery carries risks, such as small anesthetic risk, hemorrhage, infection, etc. We are happy to help you prevent these with proper post-operative care instructions, and answer your questions. There is some evidence in larger and giant breeds that early sterilization may slightly increase risks of orthopedic disease and certain cancers. For this reason, our Practice policy is a minimum one year of age for these breeds. Exceptions are on case by case basis.

Should you make the decision to become a preservation breeder, we strongly encourage to study the breed, it’s genetic makeup, inherited health and temperament problems, and join the national and local breed clubs. Many breeds have significant diseases that can be passed on through indiscriminant breeding and increase morbidity and suffering for the pets and owners alike. Conscientious breeders health test and title their breeding stock, and carefully study generations of pedigrees for longevity, causes of death, temperament, accomplishments, and other important aspects of preservation breeding. We can help with several aspects of health testing.