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Wishing dogs lived longer..

By June 26, 2018 No Comments

If there was one thing I’d change about dogs is their accelerated lifespan. First, you get a pup and you are like parents.. Nurturing, raising, teaching, correcting. Couple of years go by, and they are young adults.. You become friends and buddies. By middle age, they are your most trusted companions. And then in a blink of an eye, they are seniors. You are caring for them like aging parents and grandparents.. Maybe bringing the food to their bed, carrying them outside, sitting in the grass with the graying head in your lap, wondering if that’s the last time. In under a decade, the emotional rollercoaster of their lifespan catches up with just a fraction of ours. I’d do anything for my dogs to last my lifetime, and cross into infinity paw in hand.❤️?

-Dr. L